How Therapy Can Help

I work with a highly diverse clientele: individuals and couples from the general public, persons in specialized occupations (e.g., police, physicians), and corporate clients. Here are some of the reasons people have come to see me:

Mood Relationships Transitions
Couples Therapy
Emotional Withdrawal
Abusive Relationships
Grief and Loss
Leaving Home
Trauma Stress Personal Growth
Car Accidents
War Trauma
Stress Managment
Workplace Burnout
Learning to Relax
Boosting Creativity
Changing Careers

Here are some of the ways psychotherapy may help you.

If you are:

  • Having negative thoughts, feeling hopeless and worthless
  • Feeling overwhelmed, anxious or panicky
  • Experiencing anger and conflict at home and work
  • Finding little or no enjoyment in life
  • Frustrated with blocked productivity and creativity

Psychotherapy can help you:

  • Challenge negative, irrational thinking
  • Reduce irritability and improve relationships
  • Boost morale and a sense of hope for the future
  • Live a more productive and creative life
  • Understand yourself, feel calmer


Many couples struggle with:

  • Having the same argument again and again
  • A once-romantic relationship that has become cold and distant
  • Feeling that their needs are not heard
  • Loss of trust following an affair

Couples therapy can help you:

  • Find out what is disrupting your relationship
  • Learn healthy ways of communicating
  • Rekindle friendship and romance
  • Have collaborative rather than accusatory conversations
  • Move beyond betrayal to new levels of trust and intimacy


Common symptoms of psychological trauma:

  • Intense anxiety after a catastrophic event (i.e., abuse, car accident, victim of a crime)
  • Disturbed sleep, no appetite
  • Low stress tolerance and mood swings
  • Persistent depression, anger, and/or guilt

Psychotherapy Can Help You:

  • Reduce the “alarm” reaction following trauma
  • Recover from past abuse, or escape current abuse
  • Increase your sense of resilience and feel calmer
  • Find words for and process a devastating loss

Life Transitions

Major life transitions and challenges include:

  • Leaving home for the first time
  • Life after divorce: who am I?
  • Life after retirement: who am I?
  • Supporting children and ageing parents

Psychotherapy Can Help You:

  • View transitions as positive challenges
  • Develop a life and/or career plan
  • Increase your sense of hope for the future
  • See your life from a new perspective


Signs of Low Self-Esteem:

  • Feelings of inferiority, being hard on yourself
  • Self-sabotage: being your own worst enemy
  • Fear of expressing yourself
  • Difficulty accepting praise
  • Sensitivity to criticism

Psychotherapy Can Help You:

  • Learn to appreciate yourself
  • Learn to challenge negative self-talk
  • Become more assertive (and enjoy it)
  • Develop a realistic view of self and others


Common Parenting Concerns:

  • Feeling overwhelmed by the demands of parenthood
  • Exhaustion and burnout
  • Disagreement as how to raise your child
  • Children easily push your anger buttons
  • Children don’t listen to you

Psychotherapy Can Help You:

  • Develop confidence by trusting your instincts
  • Prevent problems before they become unmanageable
  • Maintain a loving relationship with your children
  • Learn to parent collaboratively
  • Find ways to communicate effectively with your children

Grief Counseling

Typical Reactions to Loss:

  • Overwhelming sadness
  • Numbness and denial
  • Feelings of abandonment
  • Intense anger and irritability
  • Guilt

Grief Counseling Can Help You:

  • Move through the grieving process
  • Express thoughts and feelings about the loss
  • Address “unfinished business”
  • Meet life challenges that follow the loss
  • Avoid depression by staying connected with others

Problems in the Workplace

Common Workplace Problems include:

  • Bullying by boss or coworkers
  • Blocked productivity and creativity
  • Feeling like “a square peg in a round hole”
  • Job Stress
  • Burnout

Psychotherapy Can Help You:

  • Develop healthy and effective responses to bullies
  • Regain energy and creativity
  • Find the right career
  • Develop effective stress management strategies
  • Avoid burnout by promoting self-care
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